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Our online gaming site does not collect any personal data as it is not possible to have any interaction. The user can not in any way register, leave comments or contact us. By doing so, we can not in any way store personal data. So our visitors can navigate safely without any risk to their privacy.

All articles and pages present refer to the world of online gaming and legal gaming houses on the Internet. All games in demo version are not on our site but run directly on the gaming platforms. So if through the game or through the banners you access third-party sites, we are no longer responsible for the use of cookies or the processing of personal data that you may provide to them.

Cookie Policy – Appendix A

We use cookies

In order to offer the User a full range of features when visiting our website, recognizing the User’s preferences and making the use of our website more convenient and convenient, we use “cookies.”

What are cookies?

Cookies, pixels, or similar technologies are small files or information saved on the user’s computer or device when they visit the website. They allow the website to remember the User’s actions and preferences (for example login, language, font size and other viewing preferences) for a period of time, so that the User does not have to re-enter such data every time he returns to the site or switch from one page to another.

User Options

By using our website, you agree to use and store cookies on your computer or device.

You can usually view our website even without cookies, but some parts of the site may not work properly or browsing may be slower.

If you do not want cookies to be stored on your computer or device, you can disable the corresponding option in your browser’s system settings. From the system settings of the browser it is also possible to delete stored cookies at any time.

More information on how to disable or delete cookies can be found here:

However, please note that failure to accept cookies may limit the functionality of our offers.

Cookie categories

We use cookies for different purposes and with different functions.

Some cookies are:

necessary in technical terms (technical necessity)
stored and used for a certain period of time (duration of storage)
entered and stored by us or by third parties (cookie provider).

Technical necessity

Cookies that are technically:

Required: we use certain cookies because they are strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the website and its functionality. These cookies are automatically saved on the user’s computer or device when they access the website or to a certain function, unless the user has set the browser to refuse cookies.
Not necessary: ​​cookies that are not strictly necessary are saved on the User’s computer or device to improve the comfort and performance of our website or to save certain settings made by the User. We also use cookies that, in technical terms, are not strictly necessary, in order to obtain information on the frequency of use of certain areas of our site, so that we can adapt it to the needs and requirements of the User in a more targeted manner.

Duration of storage

Session cookies: some cookies are only needed during the User session on the website. These are the so-called “session cookies.” They are deleted or lose validity as soon as the User leaves our website or at the end of the current session. Session cookies are used, for example, to store certain information during the session.

Persistent cookies: some cookies are kept for a longer period. These, for example, allow the User to be recognized when he accesses our website again at a later time, and access to the saved settings. As a result, they allow you to access web pages faster or more comfortably, for example without having to re-set certain options, such as the selected language. Persistent cookies are automatically deleted after a predefined period of time.

Flow cookies: these cookies are used for communication between the internal servers of our company group. They are saved on the User’s computer or device when they start browsing the website and are deleted after the end of browsing the website. The flow cookies are assigned a unique identification number, but this does not allow us to draw any conclusions regarding the customer or actual user.

Cookie providers

Vendor cookies: these are cookies saved by us or the operator of our website, which is entrusted by us.

Third party cookies: “Third party cookies” are stored and used by other organizations or websites, such as web analysis tools. External suppliers may also use cookies to show advertising or to integrate content from social networks, such as social plugins. For more information on web data analysis tools and reach measurement, see below in this cookie policy.

Use of cookies to analyze web data and measure coverage

Our only and main cookie is Google Analytics: this cookie is saved by Google. Allows our website to obtain information about our users’ use of our site, such as the time of the visit, the pages viewed, if the user has previously visited the site and websites visited before ours.