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Monopoly Plus Slot Review

Undisputed king of games, the “Monopoly” did spend hours of carefree fun to millions of people of any age group, and now promises to do the same with this amazing slot. In addition to great graphics that can be so incredibly faithful the various elements of the game, the slot provides an incredibly wide range of bonuses and special symbols.

Monopoly Plus Slots Free: Bonus Round

Produced by IGT and inspired by the legendary board game, the “Monopoly” slot machine offers, in addition to a theme incredibly loyal best represented by outstanding graphics, an incredible array of bonuses and special symbols give the player an intense gaming experience and huge wins. Among these, there are the Wild symbol, and the “Board Bonus”. The first serves as a wildcard replacing any symbol of the slot, except the bonus symbols, and is represented by the logo of the game. The second one, when present simultaneously in any position on the rollers 1, 3 and 5 activates the “Bonus Billboard”. The player receives a number of rolls of the dice with which to move his pawn on the board itself, simulating in this way, a short sequence of the game. Based on the outcome of the roll of the dice, but above the point where the marker stops on the board, the player gets a special bonus. When, for example, the token passes on the “Go”, the player gets a payout equal to 200 times the bet, while, when it ends on a property gets a turn at a mini-slot. The latter provides inter alia the possibility of obtaining of winnings variables, according to the color of their own property on which the checker has stopped. If the color is yellow, for example, the winnings can be up to a maximum of 4000 times the bet, but if the color is green, up to a maximum of 9000. In addition, throughout the course of the game the player accumulates banknotes Monopoly , with which they can increase their level of play and get more wins. For example, when you activate the bonus you receive Billboard 5 banknotes, while when you stop on a green property if they get well 15. The initial level is the level “Entrepreneur”, which does not provide any benefit, while all subsequent permit the player to permanently get certain advantages.

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