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Book of Ra 6 Online Slots Review

The mysteries of Ancient Egypt are still among the least known secrets on a planetary scale. A culture that has dominated the world for several millennia has obviously left a legacy that is lost in time. Everyone knows the symbols that represent this extraordinary empire: the sphinx, the pyramids, the hieroglyphs, and the interior of the great tombs of the pharaohs.

Even nowadays, the mysteries of Ancient Egypt are able to instill in people a never-ending interest. Even the world of digital casinos is not immune to this charm and for this reason many software houses have decided to develop products that inspire this ancient tradition. Among the titles that have been most successful following the Egyptian theme are the slot machine Book of Ra Deluxe 6. The sixth chapter of a saga that does not seem to want to end.
The great success of the public linked to the Ancient Egyptian world

The public always decides which are the themes that achieve the great success, and given the results obtained from the Book of Ra slot machine, it is clear that this innovative product created by Novomatic developers has been able to woo the fancy and the wishes of the general public, especially thanks to a maximum prize pool that can even reach 7,500,000 tokens.

Ancient Egypt is certainly one of the most prized themes, but to provide players with what they are looking for, software houses must always and in any case enter the market of intuitive and simple to use games. This is the case of the Book of Ra Deluxe 6 slot machine, a game designed exactly to fit the needs of every type of Internet lover.

Ancient Egypt encloses the essence of great deities and human nature, among the hieroglyphics enrolled within the pyramids it is possible to rethink the millennial history of a civilization that forged the foundations for many of the modern cultures. All this has been transposed into a game where the important presence of god Ra, the deity can handle all that happens within the six reels of this innovative game.

Book of Ra 6 Slot Bonus Game 

The divinities and dynasties of the Pharaohs have caused this culture to be handed down over the centuries to the present day. In this way it can constantly inspire contemporary fantasy and desires that do not cease to dream of the deeds of ancient heroes and legends of a time it was.

The world of the Book of Ra Deluxe 6 slot machine is characterized by all the icons that distinguish the Egyptians, but to understand the gaming dynamics of this product, it will obviously be very important to carefully review the payment table, are the icons to keep an eye on when you can align winning combinations within the rollers.

This slot machine welcomes every type of player, whether it is first-class explorers or navigated adventurers and in-depth knowledge of Egyptian culture.

By exploring the pyramids and the secret temples of this people, players will discover amongst ancient and mysterious hieroglyphic rollers telling the story of an extraordinary people, aligning these icons on the rollers, the player will have the chance to win up to 375,000 tokens.

Continuing in the exploration of the mysteries of Ancient Egypt, players could discover a symbol that depicts one of the most important animals for this culture, the beetle. By aligning the maximum possible number of these symbols, you will be able to win a prize that can reach up to 1,000,000 of tokens.

Now is the time to enter into the depths of the Pharaohs’ tombs, where it will be possible to meet ancient golden sarcophaguses that will allow players to get a maximum prize of 2,500,000 tokens.

The ancient gods of this people will always keep under control what happens between slot machines, the most important among the gods of this people will also act as a key icon to maximize their winnings. In fact, god Ra will allow the player to get an extraordinary prize that can reach 7,500,000 tokens.

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